Tips to Increase Penis Size and Great Natural Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement
Let me tell you, when you grow a bigger viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy, life is pretty huge! It's like being in some restricted club with hard to believe perks you never had before.

Good looking women sense your alpha size... and flock to you like magic. And as your penis grows, you feel a confidence you never knew before.

Men of all ages, social standing and nationality have always been concerned about the size of their penises.

Most cultures around the globe consider the large penis as a sign of manhood, potency, power and health.

Now, men can enlarge their penises thanks to the numerous penis enlargement options provided by modern technologies such as: penis enlargement techniques and pe pills, as well as natural penis enlargement medications. These methods offer a natural enlargement of the penis both in length and girth.

All in all, a man’s endowment is a helpful attribute in pleasing a woman, but actions speak louder than size.

The fact is a man with a larger size covers more of the women’s vaginal erogenous zones, which can lead to higher stimulation. But it doesn’t mean anything if the man isn’t equipped mentally and sexually to work his tool.

Tips for Penis Enlargement

The first thing you will need to do is warm up. It is also a good idea to flex your PC muscle various times throughout the day, because this will allow you to hold an erection for longer periods of time, and exercising your PC muscle will improve them.

Another tip that you will want to follow is to workout from between 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

It is absolutely indispensable that you never overtrain. Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to penis enlargement techniques, over training will in fact reduce the results that you’ll see.

Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement

1. If it involves pills, potions, or gadgets, stay away! Like I mentioned earlier, the only penis enlargement routine that work are the ones that do not rely on anything except YOU! Throwing money away on pills will not make your penis bigger; it will only make your wallet smaller.

2. Do not even think about surgery. It is ineffective and by subjecting yourself to it you run the risk of harmful your penis forever. A working penis, even a small one, is better than nothing at all.

3. Look at the success rate of any program you consider. If it is 98% or 99%, you can pretty well bet it is going to work for you if you follow it correctly. You will not find a program that is 100% successful because 100% of the people who try a program are not going to follow it conscientiously and properly. If YOU do, however, you will succeed without question.

4. Make sure the program is targeted to your specific goals. For example, if the program is a "penis extender" routine that is completely focused on length, and you are going for girth, do not think that this technique will give you the results you are looking for.

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Come spezzare cialis 20 mg
Per molte persone il online pharmacy viagra 20 mg è più che sufficiente; così alcuni decidono di spezzare la pillola in due parti perché anche l’effetto di mezza pastiglia funziona come si desidera.
Per effettuare questa operazione (valida ovviamente anche per il viagra e il levitra), bisogna tenere i considerazione alcune accortezze:
  • Tenere la metà di cialis che rimane isolata dall’aria;

  •  Non far passare troppo tempo prima di utilizzare la metà di cialis rimasta;

  • Non tagliare la pillola di cialis in più di due parti;

  •  Tagliare la pillola di cialis con una lama affilata e con un colpo secco, in modo da mantenere integre i due pezzi di pillola che si vanno a formare.

Per quanto riguarda quest’ultimo punto si consiglia di dividere la pillola con un apposito tagliapillole, che si può comprare in farmacia o anche su internet.

Ricordiamo ai nostri lettori che noi non intendiamo sostituirci a dei medici, ma raccogliamo solamente tutte le informazioni dalla rete.


Benefits Of Viagra To The Heart
Numerous men have been taking cheap viagra for erectile dysfunction, and it was noted that cialis does not only have an effect to a man’s sexual function, but it also has an effect on the heart. Effects of the hormonal stress to the human heart were noted to be decreased in men taking Viagra. The study, when tried on mice, was more noticeable as it had the tendency to avert and undo the harmful long-term effects of chronic hypertension on their heart.

Since Viagra has an effect to dilate genital blood vessels to maintain an erection, research was done if it has an effect on the human heart. And it was found out that it has potential benefits for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. And this study was headed by the Johns Hopkins researchers. But before that, Viagra was never thought to have an effect on the heart.
Viagra works to dull the increased heart beat, which is a product of chemically-induced stress. It works to decrease the force needed to pump an excessive amount of blood from the heart to the body.

David Kass, M.D., a cardiologist and study senior author of Johns Hopkins study, and his researchers performed experiments on mice and noticed that Viagra is effective in blocking short-term consequences of hormonal stresses in the heart. Long-term damages of chronic hypertension on the heart is also prevented and reversed by Viagra. Negative effects of heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy on the weakened heart muscles in mouse experiments performed by David Kass, M.D. and his researchers are also reversed by Viagra, but this was not tested on human hearts yet so no solid evidence has been gathered to prove this.

To prove this, they conducted the Johns Hopkins study, and it showed that Viagra also has an effect in slowing heart rate after an injection of dobutamine. Thirty five men and women volunteered to go on the Johns Hopkins study for a period of six months. Necessary measurements of heart function like echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, and blood pressure readings were taken before and after the injection of dobutamine (dobutamine is a synthetic derivative of dopamine that increases heart rate and heart contraction). It showed increased heart rate and increased heart contraction by 150%. Then they were separated into two groups; those who took sildenafil (Viagra) and those who took sugar pill placebo. Dobutamine was again given to the individuals to see what sildenafil and sugar placebo has on the heart. It showed that the first group’s heart rate and heart contraction decreased by 50% while those from the second group increased yet again to about 150%.

The success of the Johns Hopkins study started other researchers on how sildenafil works when it comes to the immediate and long-term effects on the heart and other potential benefits they could get from sildenafil.

But these studies are not yet finished. For now, it is good to know that it inhibits the action of phosphodiesterase 5 or PDE5A from breaking down cyclic GMP, a key molecule that aids in the controlling of stress and hypertrophy of the heart.

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By: Jerry Black

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This Knowledge will help improve your sexual life in many ways.

My First Doujin is Now Online!

mote-mote - onegai my melody doujin by columbia khoAfter several weeks of procrastination, I’m finally able to post Mote-Mote for the world to see!

Well, ok, I posted page 1, working on the next page… but haha, after 6 months? I dare say it’s quite an achievement! And you know, it’s pretty therapeutic to draw characters that already exist in an anime… designing structures is not as difficult as starting from scratch.

Admittedly though? I’m already thinking about drawing originals again. I can’t decide whether I should continue A.illusions after Mote-Mote, or draw the 2nd Chapter of Karma. Either way though, I’m really psyched up!

Now if only I was so sick for the past week that I had to stay in bed most of the time, I wouldn’t be panicking about not making my next deadline, which is on December 10, 2009..! Yikes… x.x;;;

I’m pretty ok now, almost fully recovered from fever, though I still feel like my brain is running only on minimum requirement. 4 days of high fever can do that to people I guess, haha! I had to miss 4 days of work and did my best to recover in two more days, and still I feel light-headed. The doctor knew I didn’t want to have my blood taken, so he gave me a powerful antibiotic instead.

My antibiotics, Floxa or Ofloxacin, look like blood cialis from Vampire Knight, I kid you not. x.x;;;

There’s a lot of pending work here in the office though, and we have visitors, so I can’t really slack off at all! Wish my brain would switch back into high gear, but I only have 2 tablets of Floxa left, so I’m hoping as soon as I finish those, everything will be back to normal again. Because I really need to let my mom stop worrying about me… it’s not good for her to worry so much. :x

Thank God the fever’s finally broken, and hopefully, I will never get that sick ever again! Too much pain not to be able to sleep when your body so tired. x.x;;;


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